Restore Concrete Surfaces to their Original Condition!

RE-NEW Crystals Overlay Features Allow You To:

  • Repair spalled steps
  • Repair snow plow damaged curbs
  • Curb and gutter patching
  • Sidewalk "ramping" to eliminate tripping hazards
  • Repair cracks, holes and breakouts
  • Renew spalled surfaces
  • Cover graffiti
  • Restore damaged radius curbs
  • Repair storm-drain openings
  • Repair and resurface bridge decks
  • Repair bridge railings
  • Thin, flexible non-slip coatings for concrete
  • Bonds to asphalt
  • Stamp overlays with new low-profile designs

Virtually any damaged or deteriorated concrete can be restored quickly, easily, durably, and very inexpensively with our revolutionary products and techniques

  • without the use of construction forms
  • with conventional tools & equipment!

The products are sold through Re-New Surface Systems Inc. shipped worldwide. No product is sold unless full training is given by Re-New Surface Systems Inc. personnel to the hands-on applicator, accompanied with a complete Manual on Applications.